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Yo, Are Those Travis Scott’s?

As a sneakerhead of OG (Old Guy) heritage, I am rarely asked about my on foot kicks.  

Perhaps I seem unapproachable?  Or perhaps my selection of kicks appear to be an accidental selection rather than a purposeful pick up?

Whatever the reason may be, I was a bit taken back when in a span of 20 minutes, I was approached by two random strangers at a local mall about my sneakers.  

This was the pair I was wearing.  

Peep the sail lace swap.

Stranger 1: Nice fit. Are those Travis Scott’s?  

My response 1: No, these are Rookie Of The Year 1s.  

20 minutes later….

Yo, are those Travis Scott’s?

Stranger 2: Yo, are those Travis Scott’s?

My response 2: Unmm no,  these are Rookie Of The Year 1s.

In this modern digital age of sneaker culture literacy, where sneakerheads supposedly know everything and anything about the latest kicks, I was surprised that something as obvious as the absence of an enormous reversed swoosh was not enough of a telltale indicator that I was rocking a pair of general release ROTY 1s. 

20 minutes later…..

Then poof!

A sneaker epiphany.

Wait a tick!  Without the borrowed knowledge of Encyclopedia Googlanica, I whole heartedly acknowledge that the only four things I know about Travis Scott are that he is a successful rapper, has a hit song called Sicko Mode that I heard on a local pop-based radio station, has a slew of highly desired collaborations with Nike, and has a questionable jump shot when playing basketball.

Maybe the Yo, Are Those Travis Scott’s? stranger and I have more in common than I thought? Maybe our collective unfamiliarity of modern hip hop and sneakers have suddenly become intertwined because of Nike’s clever marketing team?

Kudos to Nike for drawing in and connecting the cultural dots of our social fabric to the forever timeless Air Jordan 1 silhouette. 

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    to complete the look, carefully remove swoosh and then reapply in the opposite direction. bam!

    • kev zool kev zool

      Then limit numbers and add a famous collaboration.

      Instant hysteria.

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